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As leaders of law enforcement, we have an obligation to oversee the safety of all who work under our command. We encourage you to put officer safety at the forefront of your leadership and use the information on this web site as a primer for your agency's selection, care and use of this life-saving piece of equipment. Read more


The potential for deadly assaults on those who work in prisons and jails across the country is much different from assaults on law enforcement officers. The threats to corrections officers most often are in the form of knife blades and spike-style weapons that have been improvised from a variety of materials and objects commonly available in corrections facilities. Read more

History of Soft Body Armor



Proper fit is an important element of the protective capability of any officer's vest because it helps to ensure sufficient coverage of the torso and vital organs, while allowing range of motion to perform expected tasks. Proper fit is even more important for female officers because of their unique features. Read more


August 9, 2016: - An Oregon police officer who was shot by a fleeing suspect after a traffic stop was saved by wearing is ballistic vest. The suspect took a hostage and was eventually shot by police. Read the story here.

July 26, 2016: - Cleveland Metroparks Ranger Chelsea McLellan was shot by a suspect who had smuggled a gun into the back of her police cruiser. As she was transporting him to jail, the suspect began shooting and she was struck in the shoulder. Her ballistic body armor is credited with saving her life.

July 17, 2016: - Milwaukee police officer Brandon Baranowski was shot as he sat in his squad car while fellow officers investigated a domestic disturbance. His assistant police chief says Baranowski was saved by wearing his ballistic body armor.

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